WindForce –A radically new and innovative puzzle game



You are the master of wind, and your mission is to bring Jimmy and his fire balloon home with the wind force.

It is a radically new and innovative puzzle game; a unique addition to its genre.

Pit your intellect against 50 uniquely and elaborately designed levels.


-50 levels of addictive gameplay
-Varying difficulty; Easy to near-impossible.
-detailed introduction
-Level selcetion menu
-Progress is saved automatically
-Reset level button

Pipe Builder – My First Game for iPhone




PipeBuilder is a challenging puzzle game that brings fun of building amazing pipelines designed with the pipe pieces and tool items.

-Your goal is to build a pipeline guiding the oil from the start, across all the target grids and finally reach the end piece. If the oil spills, your game is over and you have to try again.

-To pass each level, look round the map carefully to choose a feasible path for the pipeline first, and then you need a little bit of luck waiting for the right pipe pieces. If you don’t need the piece, place it somewhere that might be useful later.

-Planning is very important in PipeBuider.

-Take good use of the tool items. Use telescope item to look over the map, use shovel item to get rid of the pipe piece you don’t need on the stage, or “bomb” stones in order to build your pipeline through…

-50 elaborately designed levels.
-6 kinds of useful tool items.
-lively and succinct graphic
-humorous music by chinese lute.